It remains our commitment to assist you whether you are only interested in some pointers with your next personal shopping, or you are interested in our image consultation services or you desire a complete makeover. Our team of fashionistas and qualified professionals are at your beck and call.

With all the new fashion trends coming out seasonally, confusing colors and styles, not sure what goes with what? Or you simply don’t have the time to invest in putting the items together?

Let our team of experts take care of the work for you. We will shop for your body type and organize your wardrobe while at it!

We will stay true to your personal preferences keeping in mind people have different style sense. What’s yours?

  • Conservative
  • Urban
  • Chic
  • Rock
  • Contemporary
  • Goth
  • Bohemian
  • Urban Hippy
  • Retro


We offer services such as;

  • Personal shopper
  • Style experts
  • Wardrobe organization
  • Image consultation
  • Make up consultation
  • Full make over’s
  • Make up applications 411 from MUA’s